< Praise Godtiss

Hm.. a beautiful sly fox or something. Any guesses?

Gorgeous graphic is gorgeous.

Tumblr catches everything

But seriously, Lara, your body? Damn.


You’re a true fan if you get this one! 

It’s okay, Louise. Gross, ugly sobbing feels the best.

I was disappointed when all the Americans turned out to be gun-toting idiots, but Lara Pulver did fantastically.

Ha classy Jersey girl don’t forget about Snookie

I want to see Mr. Cumberbatch in action..

Guys can we just take a minute to appreciate their biographies

Like just how accurate are they!?

"Mark Gatiss: Actor. Writer. Strangler.

Click to enlarge!

also their pictures goodness gracious

but we like you better without

Follow up to the last Lara tweet! 



How are they all so beautiful..