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In case you missed it: With the premiere of Series 8 only a few days away, we figured it was high wibbly wobbly timey wimey time to reveal the titles for the rest of the episodes, and here they are: 

Episode 1: Deep Breath
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Ben Wheatley

Episode 2: Into the Dalek
Written by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat
Directed by Ben Wheatley

Episode 3: Robot of Sherwood
Written by Mark Gatiss
Directed by Paul Murphy

Episode 4: Listen
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Douglas Mackinnon

Episode 5: Time Heist
Written by Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat
Directed by Douglas Mackinnon

Episode 6: The Caretaker
Written by Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat
Directed by Paul Murphy

Episode 7: Kill the Moon
Written by Peter Harness
Directed by Paul Wilmshurst

Episode 8: Mummy on the Orient Express
Written by Jamie Mathieson
Directed by Paul Wilmshurst

Episode 9: Flatline
Written by Jamie Mathieson
Directed by Douglas Mackinnon

Episode 10: In the Forest of the Night
Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Directed by Sheree Folkson

Episodes 11/12: Dark Water/Death in Heaven
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Rachel Talalay

Our friends over at the Nerdist have added that, 

On the directing front, veteran Who director Douglas Mackinnon is getting three episodes this year, up from the two he did (brilliantly) last series. Aside from Mackinnon, all of the other directors are new to the show and have a long history of work in various fields. Ben Wheatley, of course, is the director of such horrifying features as Kill List and A Field in England, while the two-part finale is directed by American-born, Canadian-working director Rachel Talalay who broke into the business working on the Nightmare on Elm Street films and directing Freddy’s Dead in 1991. [x]


Chris Hardwick on hosting the Doctor Who pre-show and aftershow.


BBC Worldwide is currently investigating a security issue around Doctor Who Series 8 where unfinished material has inadvertently been made public. We deeply regret this and apologise to all the show’s fans, the BBC and the cast and crew who have worked tirelessly making the series.

We would like to make a plea to anyone who might have any of this material and spoilers associated with it not to share it with a wider audience so that everyone can enjoy the show as it should be seen on 23rd August. We know only too well that Doctor Who fans are the best in the world and we thank them for their help with this and their continued loyalty.
Hullo there, Doctor Who Tumblr here… *deep breath*
Ideally no one should really know anything about the next season of Doctor Who (that hasn’t been purposefully put out by the BBC) until it premieres on August 23rd, but unfortunately some people do.
While it might be tempting to look, it turns out that a lot of people don’t want to know anything at all until the new episodes premiere. Avoiding spoilers is incredibly important to many Whovians - some fans have already started a #KeepMeSpoilerFree campaign on Twitter and Tumblr.
Of course, no Doctor Who fan would put themselves in a situation where they had something that they DEFINITELY weren’t supposed to have, and no fan would EVER save material or spoilers to their computers…but if they HAD done that, we would suggest:
Option 1: *cyberman voice* DELETE. Spoilers spoil!
Option 2: Take those spoilers and put them in a special folder titled “Do not open until these episodes premiere!” 
Since we started running the Doctor Who Tumblr, nothing has made us happier than seeing the worldwide fandom come together to celebrate Doctor Who. Today we’re a bigger, more global fandom than ever before and Doctor Who is the most exciting it’s ever been. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all experience the new series, unspoiled, when it airs on television for the first time, together as a community? 
While on Tumblr, we would suggest that you avoid spoilers by tagging all spoiler-y posts with “DW Spoilers” and “Spoilers” and to then install either Tumblr Savior or XKit and block those tags. With XKit you’ll have to install the “Blacklist” extension and add the tag from there. 
With either of those installed and the hashtag blocked, posts that pop up on your dash using that hashtag will be hidden - with XKit you can block the posts from appearing entirely. Both of the websites linked above have detailed instruction on how to install and you can definitely ask around on Tumblr if you run into any problems.
Let’s do our best as Whovians to protect ourselves and each other from unwanted spoilers. 




A NEW Doctor Who teaser has arrived and you can watch it right here!

The new season of Doctor Who comes to BBC America Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c.

Those outside of the US can watch the new teaser here! 

Did you see the new Doctor Who teaser yesterday!?



New season of Doctor Who premiering Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c with feature-length episode ‘Deep Breath.’ 

Watch the teaser here

For those outside of the US, the teaser can be seen here


It’s getting close to that time of the year again: a time for Fourth Doctor’s scarves and Eleventh Doctor’s bowties, for flights and long lines and badges and lanyards, for free swag and merch tables, and a lot of sonic screwdrivers. 

For some of us this happens every day, but for others it means Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 is coming! 

This year, much like last, the BBC booth will have a giant video wall displaying a ton of Whovian fan art and fan videos.

In honor of the new Series, we’ll be featuring fan work of the new Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald. Here’s how to submit-

Fan art: 

1. If you have fanart of the Twelfth Doctor and/or Clara, save it at its highest resolution, under 9MB (otherwise we won’t receive it), as a JPEG or TIFF file. 

2. Send it to artsubmissions@BBC.com and include your Tumblr username. 

3. If your artwork is chosen to be featured, we’ll respond with a release form for you to sign and send back to us. 

Fan videos: 

1. Fan videos must not include any actual content (clips) from the show, they must be original fan creations (cosplaying while acting out a skit, a Twelfth Doctor animation or stop-motion, etc.) 

2. Upload your video to wetransfer.com or a similar file-hosting website and send it to artsubmissions@BBC.com (please include your Tumblr username and e-mail address.)

3. If your video is chosen to be featured, we’ll respond with a release form for you to sign and send back to us. 

Deadline for submissions: June 16th, 12PM EST 

Due to the volume of submissions we’re accepting up to 3 pieces of artwork per person. Please send each one as a separate e-mail. 

Have questions? Feel free to send us an ask

Gifs by teawithaview & fallen-sparrow

057. The new Doctor lands - August 2014 (x)


the brotp is strong with these two


I keep this blog focused on my art and animation work, but just this once, I’m going to go on a slight tangent to talk about how uncommonly kind Peter Capaldi is.

Backstory brief: Last year longtime fan fuckyespetercapaldi (speaking of uncommonly kind) spearheaded a Twelfth Doctor fanart/letter/photo collab on Tumblr and compiled all the contributions into a scrapbook, which she mailed to PCap for Christmas. More recently, he responded and those of us who contributed found ourselves receiving painted and autographed postcards like mine shown above.

Now, he could have drawn one picture, made photocopies for everyone and signed those and we would have been THRILLED. He didn’t do that.

He drew and painted this design multiple times by hand. He made sure each person had an individual, personally made piece. For a bunch of artists who know how much time and effort goes into our own art, it’s incredibly touching and unexpected. (And for me, he wrote both the worst and best thing he could have written, because drawing is hard but it’s worth keeping at it.)

Point is, Peter Capaldi is not just taking on his dream role; he’s aware that he’s just inherited a huge worldwide fanbase, and is trying his very hardest to do right by them. It’s a masterclass in class, so shoutout to the Doctor, for being the Doctor for us, before series 8 has even aired.

And now I have to keep drawing, dammit. Doctor’s orders.